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"Live" in the moment – every pun intended. Increasingly, that is what radio listeners and TV viewers want. That is precisely what pro-AV and experiential communications technologies are delivering today. With fibre optics, flying cameras or drones, and robotics, visuals are breathtaking and mind-boggling. Advanced sound technology completes the "live" experience.

Keep the man in the street your loyal fan and follower as you transform his awareness and transport him to where the most exciting events unfold.

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A Borderless Workspace

Film making magic is weaved every day at the Twickenham Film Studios. Its re-recording stages boast mixing desks that can mix up to 320 separate sound channels. With the mixing desks and computers, engineers can also manipulate digital sounds. As the computers are located away from the studio, Twickenham Film Studios needed a specialised solution to control multiple units. This is where Adder’s SmartView XPro KVM Switch enters the picture. It allows four users to simultaneously access any one of the 16 attached PCs. And by synchronising two XPros, each user can also easily switch between two video feeds.

"To shoot, edit and transmit an event as it is happening used to require huge equipment and Outside Broadcast vans that took hours to assemble and set up. We would be restricted by location, lighting and time. Today, our TV studio can be anywhere, even right in the middle of pristine jungle. Everything happens with the touch of a few buttons and lightweight equipment. 'Live' has a completely new meaning for our industry. I live it to the fullest now!"

Producer of an evening news show

Technologies for the master Broadcaster:

Amplifiers, Speakers & Mixers • AV Distribution & Delivery • Studio Lighting • Media Walls • Public Address & Intercom • Streaming & Webcasting • Video Production & Editing • Projection & Display

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