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Building The Power of Smart Buildings
with Digital Interconnect

Intuitive, eco-friendly, sustainable — that's a smart building. People want to live and work in environments that nurture, not negate, mankind's long-term comfort and well-being. Pro-AV and experiential communications technologies can currently automate every day operations and processes in homes and offices. They promote energy- and cost-savings with smart technology. Environments become more secure at less expense. Be a front runner in creating the choice setting that people will flock to in the future.


Anywhere-access light & sound

Dulce et deckorum est gave a regency property in London a complete revamp. Because the property is five storeys high, access to technology control from any room becomes an important factor. Hence, a Crestron touch panel system was installed. This is a centralised interface for owners to access scene and security lighting controls as well as whole-house on/off buttons. Speakers were also fitted in different areas of the home, from the garden to family room. A Kramer VA-16xl volume control unit was installed, allowing the owners to adjust and control the volume in different zones with ease.

"Our smart building can identify incidents, such as a spark that can lead to a fire, and notify us immediately. Using built-in intelligent systems, we can quickly broadcast and send audio emergency messages simultaneously to speakers, IP telephones, and even multicast audio stream and text messages to computers, mobile devices and tablets. This real-time notification during emergencies will save lives and property."

Building Manager of a financial tower

Technologies for the smart Builder, Developer and Property-owner:

Building & Enterprise Automation • Room Control • Distributed Audio & Video Systems • Digital Signage • Lighting • Surveillance & Security • Environmental Control • Auditorium & Meeting Room Technology • LED & Video Walls • Room Scheduling • Projection & Display • Public Address & Intercom

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