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Up-to-date information, accuracy, decisions made with acumen – these underscore the financial sector. Pro-AV and experiential communications technologies are the infrastructures that deliver all of that. Telecommunication, videoconferencing, information gathering and dissemination even as events unfold are now commonplace. "Live" information are delivered to people's fingertips so they can act in the moment too. Whether in the home, office or even Out Of Home, people need never be left in the dark or left behind. Pro-AV and experiential communications technologies make money move with the times, and motivate people to make timely moves.

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In Sync with the Market

Breaking news, market data and more, all available at one’s fingertips – that is what London Stock Exchange can now promise. As a financial epicentre, it needed a display installation that could operate round-the-clock and would, in terms of looks, befit its stature. Finance-related content and live broadcast feeds would then be streamed on these displays. Christie’s MicroTiles was the answer. Scalable video walls as well as columns composed of these MicroTiles now sit in the Exchange’s atrium. Christie Spyder X20 processors are used to manage the array and content. Flexibility is a salient feature of the installation – personnel can deliver the content in either picture-in-picture or even 3D mode.

"Money never sleeps, so neither do we. We need a system that never breaks down or shuts down. Thankfully, we have good pro-AV and Info-Comm Technology to share information with global money markets, at any hour. We can be at each other's beck and call, even half-way around the world. We can convey information and documents across quickly and accurately. That's how we are quick to spot golden opportunities and close good deals."

Financial Manager at a brokerage firm

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Technologies for the savvy financier:

Collaborative Conferencing • Digital Signage • Projection & Display • Presentation & Training Aids • Streaming & Webcasting • Digital Information Systems

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