Government The Power of Public Service
with Digital Interconnect

Government departments have a collective responsibility to maintain the safety and well-being of citizens. Pro-AV and experiential communications technologies create cohesive command centres where officers from different departments can work in tandem. 24-hour vigilance is now possible with live video feeds displayed on large, high-resolution video walls. With access to clear visual information, officers can improve their situational awareness. Intuitive systems composed of control processors and touch screen interfaces also allow authorised personnel to select, display and route relevant information easily. Swift action can then be taken.


Smart Administration

Jupiter Systems’ display wall solutions are bringing sunny smiles to the Shanghai Meteorological Bureau. It is helping to streamline the gamut of operations – meteorological forecasting, weather monitoring, disaster analyses and raising of weather alerts. Its PixelNet® technology brings hundreds of video sources into one domain. Staff can then choose to project them onto one or all of the display screens on hand. Sophisticated zoom technology on the video screens allows officials to examine unusual visuals more effectively. This can avert or mitigate possible disasters, and save lives or property.

"During an emergency, there is a need to share and disseminate critical information quickly. Our workstations are also planned in such a way that every officer has an optimal line of sight to the video walls. We are equipped with display controllers, which allow us to acquire real-time data and analyses. Pro-AV and Info-Comm solutions have helped us to make decisions more efficiently."

Superintendent of a fire station

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Technologies for efficient Public Service:

Command & Control • Public Address & Intercom • Surveillance • Collaborative Conferencing • Simulation • Meeting Room Control • Projection & Display • Mobile Communication Systems

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