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Pro-AV and experiential communications technologies can save lives. Image-guided surgery, remote consultation with world-renowned experts, automated intervention to improve surgical outcomes – all are possible today with pro-AV and experiential communications technologies. Videoconferencing solutions can bring specialist medical expertise into rural areas instantaneously. Patients have faster, cheaper and possibly less laborious access to medical care than before. Equipment is becoming more accessible, affordable and user-friendly. Discover what helps you to help people.


Saving lives in a heartbeat

By using RGB Spectrum equipment, a catheterisation lab in a medical centre is able to offer effective diagnoses and treatments to its heart patients. During the diagnostic procedure, cameras are inserted into a patient’s arterial system, and X-ray pictures are then taken. This procedure is monitored using RGB Spectrum’s SuperView® 4100 Multiviewer. It supports a variety of sources, from endoscopic cameras to diagnostic imaging equipment, catheterisation devices to surgical light cameras. Its SinglePoint KvM functionality also gives surgeons the ability to retrieve and display images or data from a patient’s file, right in the operating room. With the use of pro-AV and experiential communications solutions, surgeons can now clear blockages within 90 minutes.

"We have been capturing groundbreaking surgeries in high definition for other doctors to view and learn from. They are also now so easy to archive and access because it’s all in digital format. It doesn’t matter if it’s someone from this hospital or halfway across the world, we can send it over quickly. We now have seamless knowledge transfer in the healthcare industry – thanks to pro-AV and Info-Comm Technology."

Cardiothoracic Surgeon at a private hospital

Technologies for the meticulous Healthcare provider:

E-Boards • Visualisers • Multimedia Display • Simulation Techology • 3D & Visualisation • Virtual Reality • Projectors • Interactive Touch Technology • Collaborative Conferencing • Presentation Control • Audio Technology

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