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If information technology (IT) is the engine, AV is often the vehicle. The impact and significance of IT usually becomes apparent through pro-AV applications. Without AV, IT remains an abstract idea to the common man. It is AV that allows people to see and hear, and perhaps one day even feel the implications of an IT solution. Pro-AV makes IT real.

Explore the myriad ways that pro-AV can bring your IT concepts to the ground; into homes, schools, offices, industries and the entertainment arena. Discover how, together, pro-AV and IT can improve the way we work, live and play.


Can a bank become a theatre?

It can when Audio Video Bridging (AVB) meets CobraNet’s digital audio transmission protocol. With biamp digital signal processors, beyerdynamic conference systems and Renkus-Heinz IC loudspeakers, China Construction Bank’s headquarters was transformed into a multisensory hub. Not just meetings, even movie screenings and theatrical performances are now held right here.

Audio delivery is precise, made distinct by a uniform frequency response and maximised signal-to-noise ratio. The audience feels right at the heart of the action.

"I used to dream of the day we could talk across cities and continents to our colleagues and partners as though they were right in front of us. Today, thanks to pro-AV systems and Info-Comm Technologies, virtual meetings have become the norm. We can share documents and visuals, and see one another, without leaving our offices and even homes. It’s my dream come true."

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Building & Enterprise Automation • Command & Control Systems • Surveillance & Security Systems • Environmental Control • Collaborative Conferencing • Meeting Room Technology • Digital Signage • Display & Projection Technology • Distributed Audio & Video Systems • Simulation Technology • Interactive Touch Technology

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