Oil, Mining & Energy The Power to Fuel the Future
with Digital InterConnect

Whether from the middle of the ocean or the depths of the earth, information is available – instantaneously. Even visuals and videos can be conveyed to remote offices and headquarters elsewhere. Heads of oil, mining and energy companies can get minute and accurate information without having to be anywhere on location or site. Decisions can be made immediately, but accurately, thanks to pro-AV and experiential communications facilities and solutions that provide end-to-end communications and contact. You may be outstation but never out of touch.

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Keeping Cities Running

Hydro Ottawa is the second largest electricity distribution company in Ottawa, Canada. Its new command and control centre was to be a consolidation of operations across five utilities. The centre needed a display wall that could monitor flow data, and support video, TV, broadcast, cable and SCADA inputs. Such a capability would allow the centre to gather information from a multitude of sources in real time. Jupiter’s Fusion 960 Display Wall Processor was the perfect solution. It could display data from different information sources, be it system monitors, the Internet, TVs or PCs. Now, able to switch between source inputs, officers can easily monitor power demands, distributions and flow throughout the city.

"With pro-AV and Info-Comm Technology, we can create training environments that are safe for trainees. Using high-quality speakers and immersive 4K solutions, we bring trainees into the heart of mining and drilling locations. They can experience what real deployment feels like, right in a risk-free simulation facility. Through visual and interactive scenarios, we also prepare them for different challenges. This has helped to boost their confidence in tackling critical operations."

Senior Project Manager at an oilfield services company

Technologies for the advanced Oil, Mining & Energy player:

Simulation • Control Rooms • AV Distribution & Delivery • Projection & Display • Public Address & Intercom • Digital Signage

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