Retail The Power To Engage + Excite
With Digital Interconnect

Ring up the cash registers with pro-AV and experiential communications technologies. Dynamic and interactive shopfront displays entice the curious to step into stores. Not enough stock in store? Engage customers with virtual catalogues. Special requests? Immediately design and create products virtually first to inspire customer confidence in you. Make your business more visible with creative and innovative application of pro-AV and experiential communications technologies. Enhance your brand’s reputation and recognition with multiple exposure channels. With pro-AV and experiential communications technologies, you can run your business without borders.


Revving up customer experience

Virtually real – that’s what the cars are like in Audi City Beijing’s showroom. Six powerwalls span over 90 square metres, giving customers 360 degree views of models, with clear technical specifications. Kinect move control systems on some powerwalls let customers navigate the screens by moving their bodies. Multi-Touch Tablets showcase the entire range of Audi vehicles in HD quality on large monitors. The showroom’s highlight – customers are inspired to digitally configure their dream cars. Pro-AV and experiential communications technologies is revving up retail at Audi City Beijing.

"Our customers love that they can come into our stores and try different looks and designs on our digital screens. They get a virtual idea of how the clothes will fit them, even though it may be in another store. Sometimes, the salespeople in the other stores can show it to them through our screens and webcams. All thanks to pro-AV and Info-Comm Technology. It’s a worthwhile investment."

CEO of a clothing brand

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Technologies for the persuasive Retailer:

Digital Signage • Projection & Display • Public Address & Intercom • Wayfinders • AV Distribution & Delivery

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