About What Exhibitors Say

Lu Yi
China Marketing Manager
Christie Digital Systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Exhibitor at InfoComm China 2014

"Christie collaborated with Jaguar for the 2014 show. Our aim then was to promote our brand and raise awareness. We adopted a bold and innovative design for our booth, offering 360-degree projections of Jaguar's cars. This is a first-of-its-kind innovation within the industry; such technology is considered a rarity even in automotive shows. The exhibition floor arrangement was great as well. Audience wise, we received discerning trade customers at our booth."

Xue Zhen
Samsung Electronics China HQ, Exhibitor at InfoComm China 2014

"The aim for participating in this exhibition was to promote Samsung's product diversification, and to offer a general push for new products for 2014. InfoComm China visitors are mostly industry and trade professionals, such as users and dealers within the industry. The quality of the audience is always of a high level, which is the main reason for our participation."

Jin Wangyang
Marketing Supervisor, Marketing Department
Leyard Optoelectronic Co., Ltd., Exhibitor at InfoComm China 2014

"Every year, this exhibition occupies the entire China National Convention Center. This year's show attracted bigger visitor numbers compared to the show in 2013. At our Leyard booth, the number of visitors has definitely increased progressively, year after year. Evidently, the show is growing in scale. This is good news for exhibitors because the show is clearly growing in its influence. I can see InfoComm China continuing to attract more professional visitors from China and Asia."

Hu Yu
Deputy Manager, Marketing
Beijing Pacific Budee Technology Development Co., Ltd., Exhibitor at InfoComm China 2014

"Our objectives of participating in the exhibition were to increase Budee's brand awareness in the AV market; understand the latest market trends; and reach out to more AV customers. The exhibition brings together many manufacturers so customers can make comparisons and choose brands that suit them. The show targets and attracts mostly the professional audience. Our visitors were mainly industry professionals who attended with a purpose in mind.
We had the chance to get in touch with our existing customers, and touch base with new ones, including a few from overseas. We had a Russian customer who tried all our products, taking a very strong interest in our brand and expressing an intention to cooperate with us. In addition, there were also visitors from Hong Kong, Guangdong and other parts of Southern China. We have achieved great results during InfoComm China 2014; results that met our expectations."

Mangus Lam
Technical Manager
Comm-Tec Asia Ltd., Exhibitor at InfoComm China 2014

"Even though we have many years of experience, this is our first time exhibiting at InfoComm China. This is because our company is headquartered in Germany and we only set up our Asia office last year.
Our family of brands falls mainly in AV media technology and facility management. Through our participation in InfoComm China, we hope to introduce our product development in these areas as well as our applications and solutions to buyers. At the show, we received many enquiries from buyers, many of whom were AV professionals with relevant expertise. The leads we got out of the show were great."

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